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volumetric cup filler
Model no. amp 1500
The Machine-  The machine automatically forms, gills and seals the pouch made from a heat sealable film roll kept at the rear side of the machine
Injection System-  Product feeding and measuring system known as injection volumetric type, unique single cup reciprocating cupfiller providing on the top of the FFS allows you to fill the preset quantity of product in each pouch. This operation synchronized with over specification of the FFS machine through the PLC
Function   The machine will form fill and seal the product in the pouches with in the accuracy of ±0.5%. However, it depends on the density of the products to be packed.
Sealing System  An impulse sealing system of unique design helps to use different types of films (virgin and laminated) in the same machine. FFS machine provided with the continuous sealing is suitable for laminated films.
Quick Change Over (Unique Design)-  Quick change over of pack size is possible since changes over parts are designed for quick adjustment/ repositioning/replacement.
Easy Operation
-  Operation of the machine is easy, user friendly, it is designed to suit our country and our people.
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