AN ISO 9001:2000 Company
Large Vertical F.F.S.
Model no. amp 1600
Features & Advantages
 Model  SX-398
 Packaging Speed 35 – 65 bag/min
 Bag-making size (L) 50-300mm (W) 60-200mm
 Metering range 150 – 1300ml
 Max packaging film with 420mm
 Film thickness 0.04 – 0.08
 Air consumption 300l/min
 Power specification 220V/50Hz, 2.2KW
 Bag-making type Pillow
  1. Right, Quick, Not break material.
  2. High standard, high efficiency, reduce cost.
  3. Adapt to the packing of high and delicate product
Machine Assembly
Automatic packaging machine, ten head weigher, Bracket flat roof, Z material conveyor, Material quivering machine, product conveyor.
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