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volumetric auger filler
Model no. amp 1400
Features & Advantages
 Model Packing Range Pouches/min.
 VA 1000S 500 gms 18 - 22
  1 kg 18 - 22
 VA 5000S 500 gms 14 - 22
  1 kg 14 - 22
  2 kg 10 - 20
 VA 7500S 500 gms 10 - 20
  2 kg 10 - 20
  5 kg 10 - 20
 VA 15000S 5 kg  5 - 10
  10 kg  5 - 10
Films - Laminated film for continuous sealing and LPDE, HDPE, Polyester Laminated, Aluminium laminated film for impulse sealing.
Output - Number of pouches per minute and accuracy shall depend on the characteristics of the product, quality of the film and the type of sealing.
Accessories Required - Print Mark Scanner, Date Batch Coder, inert Gas Flushing, Online Metal Detector, Static Change Eliminator, Pouch Support and Collecting Tray.
Accuracy - 1%
Application - Suitable for powders like Atta, Maida, Besan, Skimmed Milk Powder, Baking Powder, Corn Flour, lcing powder, Pesticides (Mancozeb, Acephate, Carbondazim, Isoproton) etc.
  1. The design of machine with dust proof enclosure is fully hygienic and highly user friendly.
  2. Our FFS Machine is provided with microprocessor based PLC system shows. Display provided with the PCL system. Display provided with the PCL System shows the problems with an alarm during such time. Hence, the Troubleshooting is easy.
  3. Online correction of eye mark position (while the machine is running) by simply rotating the knob. Online adjustment of Date code printer is also very
    Easy on our machine.
  4. Air Expeller is provided with the FFS machine to minimize the presence of air in filling pouch.
  5. Auto Temperature Control.
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