AN ISO 9001:2000 Company
AMP 401
AMP 403
Model no. AMP 400 & 403
Features & Advantages
Milk Power, Ground Coffee, Ground Spices Detergent, Instant Coffee , Turmeric Coffee, Chilly Powder, Heena Powder , Glucose and other products in powder form. (Specially designed to control weight variation in powder items) it can be control up to+.5% to +.1% (Subject to filling condition of product) Best alternate of augar base form fill and seal machine.
Filling System
Adjustable telescopic Disc Volumetric Cup Filler
Filling Accuracy ±1 to 1.5%
Depend upon Nature of Product
Type of Seal 3 Side/4 Side
Centre or Back Seal
Filling Range 5gm to 50gm
Packed Material Sticky Powder & Granules
Size of Bag/Pouch W-100 to 160mm
L-80 to 130mm
Speed capacity 40 to 70 bag/min.
Machine size
H 2150mm
W 680mm
L 900mm
Wooden case
H 1700mm
W 1000mm
L 1100mm
Film roll size O.D 250 to 300 mm max
l. D Film Reel Pipe
75mm min.
Power consumption Moto ½ H.P
220V AC Single Phase
50 to 60 Hz
Heater 150 x 2 +
300 x 2
Film Quality Laminated Roll + Aluminium Foil
Optional Attachment
  1. Date code imprinter (Mechanical and Electronics as Desired).
  2. Out feed conveyor.
  3. Bucket and screw feed Elevator.
  4. Gas flushing lubricant pump.
  5. Automatic lubrication pump.
  6. Variable speed pully.
  7. Vibrator attachment.
  8. Heater indication lamp or alarm System if any one heater fails the machine automatically stops or indication lamps indicate on control panel.
  9. Running adjustment to control weight variation during running condition of Machine.
  10. Stainless Steel cover of Machine.
  11. Electronic Counter.  
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