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Model no. amp 1200
Technical Specification (Model No. AMP 1200)
Model AMP1200


Up to 35 carton per minute, depending on product characteristics and carton size.


One operator for running the machine, loading of cartons in the magazine & for filling glue units etc.

Carton Out feed

Height to carton base : 1050 mm
Carton dimension (mm)    
  Min Max
Length 60 150
Width 22 108
Length+width    94 215
Height 83 230

Size Change

All carton dimensions can be changed within given range.

Electric supply

Standard 440/220 volt, 3-phase, 50Hz
Optional Batch printing Machine

Power Required

5-6 KW, depending on equipment

Floor Space

1.4x2.4m (without pressure conveyor)


Approx. 1500Kg.


Filling can be done only at one, two or more station. Any type of filler can be used

Liner Material

Liner material is specifically selected from a wide range of laminates depending on the product protection required.
Salient Features
  1. 18 Station Machine
  2. Suitable for packing all powder, Granule, Liuid Semi-liquid food products.
  3. Easy Change Over
  4. Main Drive with safety Clutch.
  5. Safety switches to prevent accident & Break Down.
  6. Pressure Conveyor.
  7. PID Temperature control
  8. Optional : PLC Control, Vibrator, Gas Flushing, Dust Extrator AC Drive etc.
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