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Model no. amp 1000
Features & Advantages (AMP 1000
Machine speed upto 90 SPM depending on the product and quality to be packed
Packing range 1ml to 20ml
Number of tracks Depending on the pouch width (8-10 track)
Max roll Width 800 mm
Max roll Dia 800 mm
Max length of pouch Programmable
Film draw mechanism Servo Based
Web controller Electronic web edge control
Compressed air 2CFM@6kglcmsq.
Electric Power 9.4 KW
Machine Dimension 4000mmx1600mmx2700mm (LxWxH)
Net weight 2200 kg.
Model no. amp 1001
Features & Advantages (AMP 1001)
Max Roll Width 420mm to 1000mm
Control 1ml to 20ml
Temp. Controller PLC + MMI
Output (50mm width) PID
Power Consumption 360 PPM to 900 PPM
Power Supply 8KW
Compressed Air 415V/3 PH/50HZ
Max. Roll Dia 450 mm
Pouch Type Four Side Seal / Zipper/ Standup/ Profile/ Side Gusset
Machine Body Paint Epoxy/ Powder Coating
Salient Features
  1. The Multi track form fill Seal machine is a PLC controlled full automatic machine
  2. One of the biggest feature being the machine having the technology of making 3 side seal sachetslpouches being an innovation of its kind in the entire nation especially designed for liquid packing thereby giving a cutting edge on the economy of the pack leading to approx. 25% saving on laminate. Other than 3 side seal the machine also produces 4 side seal pouches.
  3. The machine is capable of packing different kinds of liquids, pastes, granules, powders categorized as shampoo, ketchup, oil, lube, petroleum jelly (cream ( spices, pan masala, tea coffie and other related products.
  4. The machine also has the feature of providing on line zipper facility.
  5. Various types of heat sellable laminated
    films namely polyester poly, polyester
    metallised polyester poly, aluminum foil
    .) based can be run on the machine.
  6. The machine is further equipped with PID (Proportional integral derivative) based temperature controllers.
  7. Machine also has the feature ofproviding spout arrangements.
  8. There are three different models available depending on their roll widths viz-a-viz 400mm, 600mm and 800mm.
  9. Jacket Hopper with heating element for special food products namely catchup, Cheese, jam can be provided as an optional device.
  10. All product contact parts are made of food grade stainless 'steel 55316.
  11. As an optional device collating system can also be provided in the machine.
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